Hair Removal

Explains the differences between Lasers and IPL beauty devices

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Dr. Gloria Octaviano, explains the differences between Lasers and IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) devices.

Lasers (eg. Diode, NdYag) use a specific coherent light wavelength whereas IPL uses a broad spectrum wavelength of non-coherent light.

Regardless of whether you use an IPL or Laser, both technologies work on the same principle of photothermolysis (PHOTO-light, THERMO-Heat and LYSIS-to destroy), meaning it destroys the pigment in the hair follicle using heat and light. Additionally, multiple treatments are necessary in order to destroy the hair follicle for hair removal or pigmentation in the case of melasma or sun damaged skin.

When I was starting my practice I was made to believe that lasers are superior to IPL but when I started using both technologies (more than 15 years ago) I discovered that one is not superior than the other. Technicians just have to understand the IPL and laser parameters to achieve satisfactory results. For myself, tailoring the energy used for patient’s skin type remains to be the most crucial factor in achieving the best results. You can either use IPL or laser since both work very well when used with the correct parameter settings that best suit you.

We recommend Dermalase IPL because it’s Health Canada approved and while it is less expensive than lasers, it delivers the same great results. Additionally, it can do both Hair Removal (HR) and Skin Rejuvenation (SR) treatment for skin pigmentations, rosacea, spider veins, fine wrinkles ,etc.

On top of that Dermalase has very good built-in cooling system (-5 to 0 degrees Celsius) which makes the treatment comfortable for you unlike many other lasers.

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