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It’s our commitment to provide only the highest level of service in a professional and relaxing setting. Every guest will always be treated warmly. We strive to improve our abilities through the most advanced education. We continually search the marketplace for the newest technology and the finest in hair, skin care and nail products. At Milica SalonSpa our guests will always feel important and pampered!

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Sun Protection

It’s time to get serious about what to pack for your next day of sunshine, as long days in the sun can take a toll on your skin. Nothing ruins a fun-filled weekend like a sunburn, and nothing ruins the health of your skin like overexposure to the sun.
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Online Hair Tutorial

YouTube is a god send for learning about everything. There's seem’s to be no end to what you can search for. But there's trick’s performed that are not always shared in the tutorial, leaving us with only half of the information needed when trying to replicate these looks.
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Perfect Brows Everyday

If you could get perfect looking brows first thing when you woke up, would you do it?  Think of the money you would save on those brow powders, gels, pencils and tools!  Natural, full, even brows every day with no work what so ever.
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