Online Hair Tutorial

Online Hair Tutorial

 Online hair styling Secrets

It’s seam like yesterday when you had to rely on your siblings or friends to learn the latest beauty trends. Today it’s as easy as a couple of click’s on your smart phone. Unfortunately, not all is as easy as it seems.

YouTube is a god send for learning about everything. There’s seem’s to be no end to what you can search for. But there’s trick’s performed that are not always shared in the tutorial, leaving us with only half of the information needed when trying to replicate these looks.

To be a professional

First, many of the tutorials are done by seasoned professional’s and like anything, require practice to perfect. So if you fall in love with a particular look, be prepared to practice, practice, practice. Don’t wait until the day of your event to try it out. Sometimes, the easiest technique’s are the hardest to learn. Remember how long it took you to learn how to ride a bicycle.

Perfect hair

The model used was chosen for her hair type. When the instructors choose the model, they make sure the hair is perfect for the look they try to achieve. After all, who wants to struggle in front of the camera. Take your hair into account when trying to replicate a style.

Practiced skills

The selfie styling tutorial: Don’t get me wrong, I’m always impressed when I see someone braid there own hair. It’s an impressive skill. But again, these skills are not acquired overnight. They must be practiced. Focus on one technique. Practice it until you can do it effortlessly, then move on to something else. As you build your repertoires, it will get easier to learn new ones.

Prepping to perfection

A lot of prepping goes on before the hair is ready for showtime. This makes the creation of the hair look effortless. If the hair is too soft, mousse or other body building product’s will be used, this way, the hair won’t slip. Too frizzy! The hair is polished ahead of time to perfection using smoothing oils. Often many layers of product’s goes in before it’s ready. Don’t get stingy on this one. Proper use of hair products makes a world of difference.

Proper texture

Hair product is not the only thing used to create the perfect texture before styling. I talked to a famous stylist about his skill’s in bridal hair and what was his secret. I was shocked to find out that he used thinning shears in the models hair to help in the back combing process even if the model didn’t need her hair thinned out! You don’t need to get your hair texturized, but a proper haircut might be needed to achieve the reasult you’re looking for. Does the model in the tutorial have layers? Maybe it’s one length?

Blondes have more fun?

Color treated hair is easier to style than virgin hair. If you’ve chosen a style that shows a lot of details, it will show better on lighter hair and might not show up in darker hair.

Try try again

With tutorial’s many times the completed style look’s great because that’s the one that was successfully completed and posted online. But it often takes 3 or 4 tries until it was perfect. Leaving the failures on the cutting floor. Things are not always as easy at it seem’s. I’ll say it again, it takes time and practice. If you fail the first time. Try again.

Face shape

I hate to say this, but some model’s are so beautiful that what ever you do to their hair, they look stunning. The hair doesn’t make them look better. They make the hair look better. Meanwhile, us, mere mortal’s, can’t figure out why the demonstrated style doesn’t quite look the same on us. Choose a style that flatter’s your face shape. The finished result will look more natural on you and much more fun to recreate.

When in Rome

Different regions in the world have different hair product’s. How they are formulated is also different. North America has a very high VOC regulation in hairspray. While other region’s do not. Having less limitation’s allow’s manufacturer’s to create some very powerful hairspray’s that dry extremely fast. This allow’s the stylist to create gravity defying styles that we can only dream about in North America leaving us struggling to recreate some of these foreign looks.

In conclusion. I’m not discouraging anyone from doing hair at home. To the contrary. It’s a compliment to your hairdresser when you’re having fun with your hair. All I’m saying is that creating styles need’s time. Understand that if you’re not getting the finished result’s you’re looking for, it might be because you didn’t get all the information required or you didn’t practice long enough. So don’t give up and have fun creating beautiful hairstyles.


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