Level 5,  Milica,  Staff,  Stylist


Tana is an accomplished level 5 stylist with an illustrious 27-year career in the hair industry. You can catch glimpses of her creative journey on Instagram at @tanaclouseau.

Tana’s expertise is as diverse as it is impressive. Trained in advanced cutting in the heart of New York, she has honed her skills to perfection. Her remarkable achievements include being a semi-finalist in the prestigious Contessas competition for both Master Colorist and BC Hairstylist categories, showcasing her exceptional talent.

Tana’s specialization lies in transforming curly hair into works of art, her mastery evident in every curl she touches. Beyond that, she is recognized as a master colorist who brings depth and vibrancy to each hue she applies. She’s equally adept at crafting elegant updos, turning any occasion into a memorable affair.

Outside the salon, Tana’s creativity knows no bounds. She is known for her craftiness and has a keen eye for home design. Her love for sewing further exemplifies her artistic spirit.

Tana is more than a hairstylist; she’s a creative force dedicated to making people feel and look their best.