• Level 2,  Milica,  Staff,  Stylist


    Helen Lee is a rising star Milica. Her passion for the art showcases her natural talent. Specializing in bright balayage, Helen is your go-to for achieving that effortlessly grown-out look, dazzling highlights, and flawlessly styled blowouts.

  • Level 4,  Milica,  Stylist


    Tracy's passion for hairstyling is matched only by her thirst for knowledge and her limitless drive to excel. Alongside her extensive experience as a Master Stylist and hairstylist educator.

  • Level 5,  Milica,  Staff,  Stylist


    Meet Charlene, a level 5 stylist with an impressive 24 years of experience. Her passion and expertise lie in cutting, balayage, and transforming makeovers & has ample experience with clients of Asian ethnicity. 

  • Level 3,  Milica,  Staff,  Stylist


    Deanna is a highly experienced Level 3 Stylist with an impressive 32-year journey in the hair industry. Her passion for hairstyling and commitment to excellence are evident through her Instagram handle @deannak.hairstylist, where she shares her incredible work and expertise.

  • Level 5,  Milica,  Staff,  Stylist


    Cheryl's excellence goes beyond her technical abilities. She excels in client retention, delivering exceptional customer service, and effectively communicating with her clients to cater to their specific needs. These qualities have earned her a loyal clientele who trust her with…

  • Level 3,  Milica,  Staff,  Stylist


    Carly's dedication to her craft is evident in every strand. She has a thirst for knowledge, and is consistently seeking growth by enrolling in courses and classes that enhances her industry knowledge and elevates her career.