With so many different popular hairstyles these days, finding the best haircut can be confusing. Deciding on the best hairstyle isn’t all about the latest trends or the coolest cuts, but more about picking the best haircut for you. Let a Milica Hair Designer help you find your perfect look.

Ladies Cut & Style$41
Men's Cut & Style$28
Children’s Cut & Style 0-5$19
Child's Cut Boy & Style 6-12$21
Child's Cut Boy & Style 13-16$23
Child's Cut Girl & Style 6-12$28
Child's Cut Girl & Style 13-16$32
Ladies Cut & Style$46
Men's Cut & Style$33
Children’s Cut & Style 0-5$19
Child's Cut Boy & Style 6-12$23
Child's Cut Boy & Style 13-16$26
Child's Cut Girl & Style 6-12$33
Child's Cut Girl & Style 13-16$36
Ladies Cut & Style$52
Men's Cut & Style$36
Children’s Cut & Style 0-5$19
Child's Cut Boy & Style 6-12$25
Child's Cut Boy & Style 13-16$30
Child's Cut Girl & Style 6-12$38
Child's Cut Girl & Style 13-16$41
Ladies Cut & Style$58
Men's Cut & Style$40
Children’s Cut & Style 0-5$19
Child's Cut Boy & Style 6-12$28
Child's Cut Boy & Style 13-16$32
Child's Cut Girl & Style 6-12$40
Child's Cut Girl & Style 13-16$46
Ladies Cut & Style$61
Men's Cut & Style$42
Children’s Cut & Style 0-5$20
Child's Cut Boy & Style 6-12$29.50
Child's Cut Boy & Style 13-16$33.50
Child's Cut Girl & Style 6-12$42
Child's Cut Girl & Style 13-16$48
  • All haircuts include a relaxing shampoo and blow dry.
  • Flat iron styling on long or thick hair add $15 & up.
Note: prices subject to change without notice.

Please note: Due to his unique skill in  Men’s hair cutting ability, Mickey will be charging Men/Boy’s Haircut at a Senior Hair Designer level.

Modern Mullet

Nearly 40 years after David Bowie rocked lightning-bolt face paint and a crazy haircut as Ziggy Stardust, the mullet is experiencing a surge in popularity all over again. Before you roll your eyes, note that its latest incarnation isn’t the “business in the front, party in the back” crop that was popular with spandex-sporting hair bands. The new look has a downtown feel thanks to tousled, more sophisticated styling. Instead of featuring a short front and sides with superlong locks in the back, the different lengths of the modern mullet are more subtle.