Level 4,  Milica,  Staff,  Stylist


Introducing Pamella Boyd a true luminary in the realm of hairstyling. With a remarkable career spanning three decades, Pamella is a Master Stylist who co owns Milica SalonSpa with Sylvain and who has passionately carved her path to success. You can connect with her on Instagram at @pamssjboyd to witness her creative journey firsthand.

Drawing from a rich tapestry of experience, Pamella’s accolades include being a two-time semi-finalist in Canada for creative color and placed in the contessa  BC team salon. Her expertise shines through her extensive certifications in advanced cutting, color correction, foiling techniques, and dimensional color movement. Notably, Pamella spent a decade as a Western Canadian color educator, sharing her knowledge through in-salon training and model preparation for hair shows. Her quest for mastery led her to New York for cutting training and took her around the globe, collaborating with industry luminaries and learning from the best.

Pamella’s passions and specialties are in creating captivating color movement, mastering intricate foil work, and curating stunning coppers and reds. She is equally skilled in women’s cutting and the art of natural hair coloring, complemented by her proficiency in crafting elegant updos. 

Certified in nutritional sciences, she nurtures a connection with nature and the ocean. Her commitment to uplifting those around her is evident in her drive for their success and well-being. Beginning her days with meditation and focus, Pamella radiates a balanced energy that defines her approach to both life and hairstyling. As a master of her craft and a beacon of positivity, Pamella Boyd sets an inspiring example for the industry.