Level 5,  Milica,  Staff,  Stylist


Meet Melanie, a seasoned professional with an impressive 23-year journey in the hair industry. With a wealth of experience, Melanie’s dedication shines through in every aspect of her craft. As a Level 5 Elite Senior Designer, she is committed to creating transformative experiences for her clients.

Melanie’s extensive qualifications include the title of Certified Master Colorist, advanced cutting techniques, and an ongoing pursuit of a holistic nutritional certification to enhance beauty from within. Her specialty lies in the art of multidimensional natural tonality color and the intricate realm of color correction. Melanie’s skill set excels in crafting stunning, natural-looking tones and providing exceptional grey coverage.

Her passion truly comes to life in the salon, where she revels in techniques such as foiling for captivating multidimensional color and seamlessly blending greys to create a harmonious and natural color movement. Beyond her professional pursuits, Melanie is an enthusiast of strength training, fitness, and continuous personal growth. Her love for travel and exploration further fuels her creativity.

For Melanie, the client experience is paramount. She strives to create an environment where clients feel both pampered and at ease, knowing that their needs are in capable hands. Her ultimate goal is to leave clients feeling amazing, rejuvenated, and eagerly looking forward to their next visit. Melanie Bailey is not only a skilled stylist but also a dedicated advocate for enhancing both the outer and inner beaut
y of each individual she serves.