Fringe to Suit You

Fringe to Suit You

Contemplating a Fringe?

If you’ve never had them, it might feel like the wrong decision.  You can hear that little negative voice telling you NO!  You’re face is too round, forehead too small, nose too big or Cow licks too awful.  These might seam like good reason not to get them… I’m here to tell you that you can. You Just need to make sure you’re getting the “right” fringe, by taking into consideration how thick your hair is and what face shape you have. There is quite a few different ways on cutting a fringe that will be esthetically pleasing for all face shapes. Although some of the more artistic, aysemetric fringes I believe can be worn on any face shape, you just have to ‘own’ your style so to speak. So, ROCK IT!


Cut straight across the forehead. Blunt bangs are dramatic and bring attention to the eyes. Curling these under will create a very retro look. Blowdry straight down with a paddle brush, or a round brush for volume, for a rounded retro look.


Still a very full fringe but has a lot more texture and movement, great for wavy hair or a beachy, texture style.


I’d say this is one of the most popular types of fringe. They come across your forehead on a diagonal, sweeping above the eyes or swooping longer to cover one eye. Offsetting that “droopy eye” or “crooked nose”.  The soft safe framing for all hair lengths and thicknesses. Great for those who don’t want a full fringe but are looking for something different and fun for long hair styles.


This is the classic “Goldie Hawn” I like to say.  Very soft, lots of fullness, enhancing the eyes and cheek bones. Blow Dry with a large round brush for volume. Great face framing while wearing the hair up as well.


These are very, very short, a mini fringe. The “Baby Bang” great for short pixie looks or more edgy for longer hair.  This style helps open up the face and can make it appear lighter and brighter. A super cute and fun look.


These are worn longer over the brows, grazing the eye lashes, curving down around the eye, longer down around the cheek bone. A very couture look, sexy, soft and flattering. Now girl, what are you waiting for?  Go get that fringe you’ve always wanted!

Illustrations By Chris Johnston

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  1. Great Website. Really enjoyed reading.

  2. Tarah is the only stylist who’s been able to do my fringe the way I like it. That’s imoortant enough for me to be her loyal customer from now on. She does a great scalp massage too!

    1. Thank you so much Catherine. It’s always a pleasure seeing you.

  3. Good evening. Thanks for this info! Interesting page :).

  4. Which bang do you recommend works best for a wavy to curly, fine but lots of it, long hair? I don’t mind straightening them but wouldn’t every day unless I did the pixie version.

    1. Hello Eileen! It depends on a few things such as your hair line, face shape, curl density and how dramatic and fun you want them to look. I would love to create this new fresh spring look for you, feel free to come in for a consult so we can check out those gorgeous curls!

      Thanks so much for checking out my fringe blog!

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