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Your Child First Haircut

Your child first salon visit doesn’t have to be scary

It’s time for your  young ones first haircut. Your appointment is set and your camera is ready. But is your child ready?
The first haircut can be a scary one. Here is what you can do to make it easy on you and less fearful for them.

Talk about it

Talk about there future salon visit in an exciting tone, a couple days before the visit. Peak their interest by mentioning how fun it is. Do this everyday until the visit.

Tag along

It’s best if you let them come with you to a few visit’s to your own salon appointment. This will help them getting used to the environment, while getting them excited for their own salon experience.

Make a friend

When talking about the hairstylist to your child, refer him or her as your friend. We warn our child to avoid strangers so it would be less confusing for them to know that stylist as a friend.

Chose the right words

Words can make all the difference in the world.
A word you shouldn’t never use, when getting your child ready for there first salon visit, is hair CUT. It’s not a word associated with fun. Use positive phrase like making your hair pretty or shorter. Another example could be… lets style your hair like dad’s.

Another word to avoid is SCISSORS, for obvious reasons. It’s not a tool we ever let our child play with. Even the child safety scissor are met with contions and use under supervision. If you must mention the tool used by the stylist, use the word “Shears”. It’s not a word they will likely associate with anything negative.

Putting on a show

Here is a hard one. It’s not going to be easy to do, however I have been a hairdresser for 23 years and I assure you it work in calming a crying children. If your child is big enough to sit by themself, it’s best if you can remove yourself from you’re child’s sight, by sitting in the waiting area. Children typically behave differently without their parents around. Children can have ways to put on a show to get what they want like a bribe to behave better or just not wanting to be there. Either way, they will most likely stop acting out if you’re not there to see it.

Make it a game. Play hairdresser

Sit your love one in front of a mirror while combing their hair pretending that you are the hairstylist. If you can make it fun, the real service won’t be so scary.

Sometime, it’s not the right time

If all fails, it’s best to wait it out. Forcing their head straight, for that hairstyle, only reinforces their fear and will make your job even harder the next time. In time they will come around.