Level 3,  Milica,  Staff,  Stylist


Deanna is a highly experienced Level 3 Stylist with an impressive 32-year journey in the hair industry. Her passion for hairstyling and commitment to excellence are evident through her Instagram handle @deannak.hairstylist, where she shares her incredible work and expertise. Deanna’s journey as a stylist grew after apprenticing with a very prestigious stylist in the industry where she followed that with training in London, England, under the renowned Vidal Sassoon, honing her skills in cutting and coloring. She is also a certified master colorist, which further solidifies her expertise in the art of hair coloring.

Deanna’s specialty lies in natural texture and movement. She has a love for encouraging the natural flow of hair and takes pride in creating easy-care styles that allow her clients to effortlessly manage and maintain their hair. Beyond her expertise in natural looks, Deanna also enjoys exploring her creativity, experimenting with various styles and colors, ranging from natural tones to bold and vivid hues. Her versatility shines through in her ability to work with gray hair, skillfully blending it with creative colors, as well as crafting beautiful blondes, rich reds, deep brunettes, and striking vivids.

Outside the salon, Deanna’s interests reflect her nurturing and caring personality. She finds solace in the forest, adores animals, and is an avid gardener. Individuality and personal expression are highly valued by Deanna, and she takes joy in celebrating and enhancing the unique beauty of each individual she serves. Environmental impact and sustainability are also close to her heart, making her a conscious and responsible stylist.

For those seeking a hairstylist with extensive experience, a passion for natural beauty, and a creative flair for all hair expressions, Deanna Kuehnle is the perfect choice. Her dedication to her craft and love for her clients make each appointment with her an enjoyable and transformative experience. Follow her journey on Instagram and witness her exceptional talent unfold at @deannak.hairstylist.