Level 2,  Milica,  Staff,  Stylist


Carly Olson is a passionate stylist whose artistic journey has spanned three vibrant years in the industry. You can connect with Carly through her Instagram handle, @cuts.colours.by.carly , where she showcases her creative flair. Specializing in hair extensions and expertly crafting blonde tonalities, Carly’s dedication to her craft is evident in every strand. She has a thirst for knowledge, and is consistently seeking growth by enrolling in courses and classes that enhances her industry knowledge and elevates her career.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Carly’s dynamic personality comes to life through her varied interests. She has a storied past as a competitive figure skater, horse jumper, and swimmer. Her artistic side flourished through her love for color, particularly watercolors during her upbringing. 

With her genuine desire to provide educated hair care advice, Carly aims to help each guest realize their dream hair while feeling valued, comfortable, and understood. At the core of her philosophy lies the belief that everyone deserves to be celebrated for their uniqueness and treated with respect and equality, free from judgment. Carly Olson is more than a Hair Designer; she’s a dedicated artist and advocate for genuine connections.